Master Fly

Announcing Master Fly.

Central Oregon’s not-to-be missed fly tying event of the year. Great fun, fantastic prizes, and some good-old fashioned bragging rights.

Are you the Mario Batali of bobbins?

Are you on first name basis at the arts and crafts store? Does your cat have mysterious missing patches of fur? And does that cat’s fur mimic the blue wing olive hatches on the local trout stream? Roadkill gets a second look. Possum did not smell as bad as you thought. You can spell schlappen. You leave work an hour early on the day you expect the Wapsi catalog to show up in the mail. Your favorite colors are chartreuse, cherise and kingfisher blue.

Fishing trips end up no further than the fly shop to talk about zonker strips and CDC. The guys there thought you were a little nuts when you spilled out that you accidentally made a whip finish with your dental floss. When the girl working at the Dairy Queen wore the Whiting feathers in her hair you got visibly upset. No more Oreo Blizzards.

If any of this sounds familiar, put the glass beads down, rush out of JoAnn fabrics and head to your favorite central Oregon fly shop now.

Stand tall, your time has finally arrived.

photos of Reed, Jeff, Tye and Dave courtesy of Arian Stevens Photography:

event details at: and dates and times are on

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